(2018). Understanding Bots for Policy and Research: Challenges, Methods, and Solutions. Conference of the International Communication Association (Prague, May 24-28).

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(2018). Current Challenges for Bot Policy and Foreign Interference. Campaign Legal Centre Report.

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Public Writing

Essays and Commentary

  • “Twitter has a serious bot problem, and Wikipedia might have the solution.” Quartz, October 23, 2017.
  • “Tinder Nightmares: The Promise and Peril of Political Bots.” Wired (UK) July 7, 2017 (with Doug Guilbeault).
  • “Facebook could tell us how Russia interfered in our elections. Why won’t it?” The Washington Post, May 20, 2017 (with Phil Howard).
  • “On the Internet, Nobody Knows That You’re A Russian Bot.” Council on Foreign Relations NetPolitics. March 20, 2017.
  • “The Security Risk Our Connected Devices Pose Urgently Requires a Policy Response.” OpenCanada, November 4, 2016.
  • “Quantum Leap: China’s Satellite and the New Arms Race.” Foreign Affairs, September 7, 2016 (with Taylor Owen).


  • “Don’t Underestimate the Implications of Quantum Technology.” World Politics Review, October 3, 2016 (with Taylor Owen).
  • “Q&A: Will Plowright on the ethics of doing research in conflict zones, ‘reverse culture shock,’ and more.” The Envoy, October 31, 2015.


During the summer of 2017, Taylor Owen and I put together a reading list for a graduate seminar at UBC titled ‘the Internet and Global Affairs’ (GPP 509), cross-listed between the Public Policy and Journalism schools. I helped Taylor design the course and had the privilege of providing some guest lectures and teaching support.

Here’s the long version of the reading list.